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Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent Gaming Buddy is the most popular name in the gaming industry. It is an emulator that provides a way to play PUBG mobile and other Android games on PC. It provides intense services like multiplayer action, advanced graphics, additional gaming features, and much more. Also, the emulator is totally free to use and it is the best emulator for PUBG.

Tencent PUBG emulator provides the best gaming experience, as it allows you to use mouse and keyboard as gaming consoles. Apart from this, you can also connect the other gaming controllers. It is an official emulator specifically designed for PUBG, you can also access Tencent games and other Android games through this emulator.

Tencent Gaming Buddy

Size1.7 GB
License TypeFree
Last Updated1 day ago


Fast and accurate gaming control with mouse and keyboard

It supports 3A masterpiece graphics

TGB offers flexible and smooth gaming on PC

It offers 2K resolution

It provides an immense gaming experience

Available in multiple languages Like – (English, Chinese)

An Overview: Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent games is a very popular name in the gaming industry, and so the TGB emulator. It provides you a lot of extra features and services that are not available on the other such emulators. It is also known as the Gameloop.

Advantages of using TGB Emulator

There’s no doubt that Tencent Gaming Buddy is among the best Android emulators, as it offers a lot of stuff that provides you the best gaming experience.

Keyboard and mouse control

TGB provides easy gaming controls, the user can play the game by using the keyboard and mouse as the gaming consoles. Apart from this, it also allows you to connect the other gaming consoles, such as PS consoles, Xbox consoles and others. Furthermore, users can easily map the controls as they want.

Advanced Graphic network

Tencent emulator is known for providing the best graphics not available on mobile games. Eventually, it results in the best gaming experience. It allows you to switch between HD, Full HD, and Ultra HD options. It provides a wide range of graphics. Moreover, it also depends upon the specification of the PC.


The PUBG emulator is a stable emulator. The developers are quick to fix the bugs and they resolve the issues soon. Hence it has good back and front end services. Also, it is known as the official emulator for PUBG mobile so they maintain the quality of services offered.

Why should you download it?

It is specifically made for PUBG, also it is known as the official PUBG emulator. It provides easy gaming with good quality graphics and much more, you can also access other Android games on PC by this emulator. Furthermore, you can access this emulator on the low-end PC.

Download TGB in easy steps

The Tencent emulator can be easily installed on the Windows 10 or any other PC & operating system with easy instructions. There are various reasons why one should go for the PUBG mobile emulator and download TGB to play PUBG on pc.

  • Click here to download Tencent Gaming Buddy.
  • Agree on the terms and conditions
  • Now locate the file
  • Wait till it gets downloaded
  • Open the downloaded file
  • Launch the emulator
  • You’re all set to play PUBG mobile on PC.
Download Tencent Gaming Buddy
Download Links for Windows
Tencent Gaming Buddy v1.0.7773.123
Tencent Gaming Buddy v1.0.72.24

Best PUBG Mobile settings for low & High end PC

PUBG official emulator is known for the graphics, although graphics of the game depends upon the specification of the PC.

  • Click on the settings from the top right corner.
  • Click on the graphics option.
  • Now you can just frame rate.
  • You can select 60 FPS integration (for high-end PC).
  • You can also change the effects.
  • Now Turn on the anti-aliasing.
  • Click on OK to apply the changes.

Default Controls of TGB

Tencent provides easy gaming controls, also it allows users to change and modify mapping controls as per their choice.

  • W, A, S, D is used for moving.
  • Spacebar is used to jump and swim.
  • Alt is used for looking around.
  • Left-click is for using weapons.
  • Mouse lock is for the autorun.
  • Key 7,8,9,0 is used for healing the items.
  • Keys 4,5,6 is used for throwing weapons.
  • F1 is used for Quick displays control.

Easy Guide on How to Use TGB

Tencent Gaming Buddy is easy to use as an emulator, it is a highly compatible Android emulator. The emulator is not only limited to play the PUBG mobile but the user can also play the other Android games as well.

  • Open Tencent Gaming Buddy.
  • Now select the ‘three-lined icon’ on the taskbar.
  • Click on the setting option.
  • Select the ‘Game’ option
  • Now launch the graphics.
  • Go to the ‘Engine’ option.
  • Click on save option and apply the changes.

System Requirements

  • Minimum Ram Required 2 GB RAM
  • Operating system: Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • Dual-core Intel CPU or AMD 1.8 GHz
  • Free storage size of at least 1 GB


Tencent Gaming Buddy is one of the versatile emulators that provides the best battleground gameplay experience. Also, its services like providing a platform for playing famous games such as PUBG mobile on the big screen is a gem for game lovers.

Furthermore, Tencent gaming emulator is a reliable and hassle-free emulator that is perfect for the Windows devices/PC. Also, it is highly compatible with Android games.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is PUBG emulator legal?

Yes, the PUBG mobile emulator by Tencent is fair and legal to use, you can play PUBG mobile and other games with the help of this emulator.

  • Is Gameloop good for PUBG?

The Gameloop lets you run multiple games smoothly at the same time. Gameloop and Tencent Gaming Buddy is same and it is official emulator for PUBG game.

  • Can I play PUBG mobile on PC without a graphics card?

A Graphic card for playing the PUBG mobile is not necessary. It depends on the chipset you are using on your PC or laptop.

  • Is Tencent Gaming Buddy safe to use?

Tencent Gaming Buddy is safe and secure to play the Android games on the PC, as it is free from bugs, viruses, and malware.

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